Naëve: Musician



Naëve was born shortly before the first lockdown but, despite this, has gained quite a lot of coverage on several social platforms, both nationally and internationally. This project was born like a need to escape rhetoric, prejudice, venturing outside my comfort zone. We’ve been thought that music is divide in genres that you need to follow, without underlining that one are the right progression of the other. For this reason, I wanted to shake boundaries and create a brand new fusion sub genre called ‘Retro Groove, which involves genres such as Jazz, gospel, reggae, rockabilly, blues, rock, gospel and so on, all in single songs. You can easily find one song different from the other for this very reason. They don’t sound like anything you hear before and even if style seem to differ a lot among them, they sound good together. It’s strange but it actually works!

Recently, I started to play with a 10 piece big band. We managed to do a show only, due to current restrictions, that had us shortlisted for the finals of a very important competition in London. The video for my first release, has also been chosen, together with other 17 worldwide (which include Grammy winner artists), to be showcased on an online Festival. I will release my 3 rd single in the next few months and will shortly start to plan a tour for the promotion of my debut ep.

Most common activity:

Composing and listening to music. I love also to study music history/watching documentaries about great artists from the past. It helps me knowing the person who is behind the music, before the ‘artist’ himself

Favorite show/movies:

The Silence of the Lambs’ and everything Disney. I am also quite fond of Tim Burton, horror movies (my favourite is ‘the Exorcist’) like ‘the Conjuring’ and ‘Insidious’ saga.  My favourite series are ‘the Big Bang Theory’ and ‘Prison Break’

Fav Ig Accounts:  

Buzzfeed, the ladbibible and the Kabs Family

Fav meal/drink:

Pizza, Steamed dumplings and chocolate of any taste and form

Most questionable thing you’ve seen or heard recently:

Pineapple on pizza, as an Italian girl, it shocks me every single time, it sends chills down my spine

First thing you did when isolation was over...   

Met my friends for a drink....but still with the mask. Better safe then sorry


Skating (both on ice and rollerblades), anything craftsy and artsy (including baking), videogames