Solar Heavy: Musician



Born and raised in the heart of New Jersey, Solar Heavy has been a versatile contributor to the underground music scene. Finding home in the endless sub genres of Electronic Music, he continues to carve and create a unique fusion of space and sound, sending us on an everlasting sonic journey through the cosmos. Harnessing inspiration from star lit skies on dark quiet nights in a small studio located deep in the Mountains, he combined his love for space and emotionally driven music, creating the pseudonym Solar Heavy.

Common activity

Walking the mountains with my lab/shepherd mix named Sona

Fav shows/movies

Huge list but a few movies that stick out are Fifth Element, Princess Mononoke, The Labyrinth, Kill Bill series, and show wise I’d say Better Call Saul, The Sopranos, and Shark Tank

Fav IG accounts




Fav meal

Baked Mac and cheese without a doubt & caramel frappe’s

Most questionable thing

So apparently UFO’s & aliens exist according to the pentagon, wish they’d stop talking about my friends already

Firs thing I did when iso was over

Honestly my current studio is way out in the mountains, the closest store is about an hour away and no neighbors for miles. The isolation wasn’t a huge adjustment for me, I’ve been able to keep creating and enjoying nature daily without much change

What would you say to anyone just starting out in the music industry?

Keep focused on the long term goal, nothing good comes easy. But the more passion you have and stubbornness, the farther you’ll go when others give up. Know what you’re doing it for, and outlast those who don’t.
How do you get people interested in your music?

Think of your music as a watering hole, you want to bring everyone from all social platforms to one specific spot, which is your music. It all adds up and makes a huge different being present on everything you can manage to be on.