Temitope Adebiyi (Nick “Africano”) Filmmaker & Creative Director of Africano Media



My name is Temitope Adebiyi, Generally known by the Nick “Africano” Creative Director of Africano Media. I was Born in Nigeria. I’m a Filmmaker, Cinematographer. I Attended Obafemi Awolowo University Nigeria, studied Dramatic Arts but majored in Films, Tv and Radio production, and also Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography in Russia. Presently a resident of Washington DC USA.

Most common activity

learning more new things about Filmmaking. You know, no one comes to the end of the act of Filmmaking. You keep learning every time.

I listen to music and write too. And I love soccer.

Favorite shows

I do not have one but for movies, I love Movies by Tyler Perry, Toka Mcbaror , Kunle Afolayan ( Both Nigerian Filmmakers)

Favorite IG Accounts

Mine’s lol and Filmakersworld

Favorite meal

I really don’t have one, i eat whatever is good, especially, Nigerian food. And I drink plenty of water and juice

Most questionable thing I have heard recently

I joined someone’s Instagram live video, and an unknown Instagram page came to the comment section of the live Instagram video and said “ I am Gay” . I was just so embarrassed cos I’m not even one and the person said it with so much guts

First thing I did after Isolation

Filming. Been having a project pending before the isolation.

Why interest in Filmmaking

I love telling stories. I grew up listening to stories and folktales, so it shaped me into telling stories too. So I see Filmmaking as way of telling stories through visuals

Advice for upcoming Filmmakers

Passion, and consistency. You have to be passionate about filming . We have lots of Filmmakers out there. Some start and after a period of time fade out cos they really don’t have the passion for Filmmaking, so when they don’t get or see whatever pushed them into the the first place they get tired. It’s a busy and competitive industry so you have to be consistent and research more, build your craft.