Basil Sakr: Actor, Comedian & Voice Over Artist


Basil Sakr is an American Lebanese Actor. Chicago Born, LA Raised. He turned to acting when his Real Estate Marketing videos became a hit. Acting has always been his passion, but it took Real Estate to realize it 

Most common activity:

Watching movies but I like to call it research 

Favorite show/movies: 

All American



Good Girls

Fav Ig Accounts:






Fav meal/drink:

Tacos, Chick-Fil-A, In N Out Burgers

First thing you did when isolation was over...   

Went out to eat inside the restaurant. It felt good 

What do you like about Acting the most? 

I love meeting new people. Each set is a new experience. I also love becoming the character, it gives me a sense of understanding what they’re going through.