Kenney Green: Actor, Director, Musician & Artistic Director of the Depot Theatre


Kenney Green is a Fresno, California native who has called New York City home for over 20 years. After attending both Fresno State University and the American Musical and Dramatic Academy, he got his first break as a replacement cast member of the European Tour of THE MUSIC OF ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER. This opportunity spring-boarded him into being blessed to walk the boards internationally, nationally and regionally in theatres such as Arkansas Repertory TheatreAlabama Shakespeare FestivalMilwaukee Repertory Theater, and New Harmony Theatre.

His musicianship has afforded him opportunities to tour in Australia tickling the ivories and crooning an array of Broadway showtunes to sold out audiences as well as a collaboration with his partner, Adam Tilford, leading crowds in massive, energetic sing-a-longs in Darren Criss’ yearly “Coachella-esque” event, ELSIE FEST.

His business acumen, his love for the arts, and all of its players was the perfect mix to prepare him for the next chapter of his journey (life). In October of 2018, Kenney was chosen to hold the position of Producing Artistic Director of The Depot Theatre in the beautiful upstate New York setting of the Adirondacks. He is honored and thrilled to be tasked with the opportunity to continue the important mission of implementing gender and racial diversity and inclusion into modern theatre. On the rare occasions that Kenney gets to be home in NYC, he can be seen playing and singing at his home bar, the world famous Marie’s Crisis Café, as well as other venues around New York City.

Most common activity: 

I am definitely a child of the 80's so I am definitely a retro gamer.  I love my PS4 and Nintendo Switch. 

Favorite show/movies: 

I will always watch the original run of WILL & GRACE.  As far as new TV shows...well, I'm in theatre and a musician. It is difficult to get roped into a new show because I will rarely be home to watch the initial run.  I often find myself dodging conversations if some is discussing the latest episode of something because one day I just might get the urge to binge it. 

Fav Ig Accounts:  

MINE!  And, can someone please help me run it because I have no clue how to keep up with the younguns' LOL.

Fav meal/drink: 

I love enchiladas and tacos (I know...that's two).  AND a sensible Tito's and Grapefruit.

Most questionable thing you’ve seen or heard recently: 

I mean...all of 2020 and a great portion of 2021!

First thing you did when isolation was over... 

I was pretty lucky as I was upstate running my summer theatre company in the mountains.  So, even though the city was in isolation I wasn't home.  Once it was over I did come home, check on the apartment went back to work. 

My Favorite Color:


Disneyland or Six Flags:

Why not both? You're sure to have a better time if you do both.