Sierra Blanco: Actor, Composer & Playwright


Sierra Blanco has performed onstage with the likes of Theatre de la Ville at BAM, on TV with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show, and starred in Independent Films such as BIFF AND ME, which is now making its way on the film festival circuit. Sierra is a proud member of Actors Equity, SAG-AFTRA Eligible and represented by Bonnie Shumofsky Bloom of Stewart Talent New York. 

When not acting, Sierra is a playwright, composer and lyricist. Sierra is a winner of the 2020 National Endowment for the Arts / American Theatre Wing's Musical Songwriting Challenge. She previously won the Stephen Sondheim National Young Playwrights Competition, Writopia's Worldwide Plays Competition, NYC Write A Play! Competition, and was Guest Playwright at the O'Neill Young Playwrights Festival. Her poetry was published in the New York Times and her play "Bang!" in “A Decade of Shared Stories”. Her play "The Smallest Heroes" was published by YouthPLAYS in 2020. She received the Perelstein Discover Your Passion Scholarship for Musical-Theater Composition, and the 2020 National Music Publishers Scholarship. She maintains membership with the Dramatists Guild, AEA, BMI, and MENSA.

Most common activity:

Reading, writing, and dancing. I love dance - tap, ballet, and am currently obsessed with Fosse classes which I zoom online through Steps. I also enjoy playing piano and composing songs.

Favorite show/movies/books: 

Books: Uprooted, Every Heart a Doorway, Ancillary Justice 

Shows: Hadestown, Hamilton, Avenue Q, Pippin

Movies: Stardust, Wag the Dog, The Big Sick, Enola Holmes

TV Shows: The Good Place, Black Mirror, Stranger Things

(can you tell I like complex fantasy stories?)

Fav Ig Accounts:  

SheNYC does important work for women in theater. @shenycarts

The Shelter Theater Fun, smart, develops new artists & work. @theshelternyc

American Theatre Wing has great info and resources. @Thewing

Director Nicola Rose is a genius up-and-coming film director @nicolarosemce

I’ll also shamelessly plug the IG accounts for my own musicals: 

@apt_3b_musical and @farewell_chris_yee_musical

Also, not an IG account, but I like to watch animatics of musicals. I appreciate new creators of innovative genres. 

Fav meal/drink:

I love a family dish called Pucacapas (it’s Bolivian). I also love Boba Tea (not a family dish!) 

Most questionable thing you’ve seen or heard recently:

Can I use this space to request that everybody please just mask up inside when it’s crowded and get vaccinated already?!

First thing you did when isolation was over...   

Well, I’m still being very cautious with the Covid situation, but after getting vaccinated I felt more comfortable getting food out. Mu shu pork with pancakes had been calling my name for many months! 

What projects have you been working on over the pandemic, or recently?

Well, of course I had some zoom productions like the rest of the world!

Recently, I’ve been writing and composing an episodic DIY digital pocket-musical called Apartment 3B. You can participate in it by going to, choosing a role, following the guidelines and sending it in to me! The first episode is online and open, and the materials for the second episode will be available in about a month.

I’ve also been writing and composing a new two person sci-fi musical called Monstrous, and revising my full-length musical Farewell Chris One of the songs from this musical won the National Endowment for the Arts / American Theatre Wing Musical Theater Songwriting Challenge this year, so I spent a good portion of the Fall working with mentors revising and recording the song Don’t Wanna Know, sung by Devin Ilaw. It’s available on Spotify, Apple Music and Itunes. 

I also wrote a screenplay in June - called Avalon Farms (Academy) and I’ve been sending the script in to a few film festivals and it’s getting a warm reception. So that’s new and fun!

What do you hope to do soon?

I dig doing voice overs (particularly for cartoons) and would love to get a regular gig doing that. I love acting in films and hope to do more of those soon. And live theater, of course I want to get back to live theater! I also would love to see my musicals on the stage – that would be a huge thrill. 

Mostly, I hope this pandemic will end sooner rather than later as I’d love to get back into rehearsal with my friends and colleagues.