Abyon Ausar McInnis: Actor/Model & Entrepreneur


Abyon Ausar McInnis, is an actor, model, experiential marketing specialist, & entrepreneur. I signed with my first agency in Summer 18' and started working professionally in 2019. Since entering the business I've been involved in a variety of commercials, fashion shows, social media and influencer campaigns, print ads, independent films, music videos, TV shows, and skits. I've also attained representation with agencies in multiple states, just a few years after entering the industry thanks to my management, J3 Productions. I'm currently represented throughout TX, GA, and NY. I'm currently working as a full-time model, actor, and experiential marketing specialist. .abyonausar.com

Favorite IG accounts:





Favorite Meal:

Seafood Broil

Most Questionable Statement:

"Fossil fuels are the way of the future & renewable energy poses more problems to the environment than solutions"

When isolation was over the first thing I did

was book a flight to see some family, got back into the gym & began looking for experiential marketing opportunities. 

When entering a new modeling gig, describe how you build relationships with the creative team or your fellow models. 

Making connections is everything and your network plays a substantial role in how your career develops. I believe in being very intentional with building relationships on set with fellow models and the creative team. The basics would be showing up on-time, prepared, and with the mindset that this job will lead to another opportunity (because it will). That will ensure that the team sees you as a professional and knows your dependability from day one. With models it's important to connect via social media for support, learning from each other, sharing published content, and potentially job referrals and recommendations.

When you suffer a setback during a shoot, how do you recover?

When setbacks occur I never take them personally because I know that this is a business. I understand my position in the bigger picture, and nobody wants to see you fail on a production. If I had to give a solution for a setback it would be patience. Whether that’s you being patient with other people, technology, the weather, or even yourself.