Leo LeBeau: Writer, Director & Producer



Leo Lebeau graduated in 2020 from The National Film and Television School in London UK, where he was awarded both BAFTA and Prince William Scholarships for his studies. As a result, he is currently being mentored by the Emmy winning Executive Producer of Fleabag, Lydia Hampson. Leo's most recent works include short film Birthday Boy (2021) after raising £13,000 via Kickstarter, as well as the bold comedy-drama Sugarbabies (2020).

Most Common Quarantine Activity:

I’ve been travelling (to the park) where I discovered a new found passion for Yoga.

Favourite Quarantine Show / Movie:

Rupaul’s franchised race. Canada, Sweden, now season 13. It never ends and that’s what we needed this year. Highly recommend Girls Trip too haha

Favourite Instagrams:

@loveofhuns and @sugarbabies.online, for obvious reasons.

Favourite Quarantine Meal & Drink:

Papa John’s pizza with a Red Bull - and every delivery felt like I’m living on life’s edge.

Most questionable thing you seen or heard:

J.Karen Rowling destroying her career to prevent people using a bathroom.

First thing once isolation is over:

Can’t wait to get back on set and starting making more films.