Stella Tinucci: Director

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Stella Tinucci is an award winning director/producer from France, based in Los Angeles, known for her style of mixing comedy, fantasy/mystery and a touch of vintage. Graduated from the University of Paris Diderot and UCLA, she pursues her career in video editing and directing.

With her production company, Mascarade Pictures, she is devoted to creating uplifting magical content. Winner of “Best Western Comedy” for her short, “Clam Chowder”, “Best US TV pilot” for “Surreal Estates” (a comedy mystery, mix of Sherlock and Scooby Doo), she is now finishing up her latest feature film, a comedy adventure titled “Eddie Fox & the Lost Treasure“, entirely shot on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii.

Most common Quarantine activity: 

listening to podcasts while walking with my baby. Rewriting my next feature film while sipping a glass of wine.

Favorite quarantine show/movies: 

Queen’s Gambit

Fav Ig Accounts: 




Fav quarantine meal/drink:

poached eggs with brie & avocado, sparkling water, tangerine juice, and wine

Most questionable thing you’ve seen or heard recently: 

mainstream media

First thing you do when isolation is over… 

travel to Europe, and attend physical events like festivals and concerts