Dr. Tiffany Jana: TMI Consulting Inc Founder & Author

My Native Admission Statement: I’m help build emotional bridges and walk people across the chasm of differences so they can better experience, understand, and respect each other. I’m an entrepreneur of 16 years with 3 companies and 3 books under my belt. All of them are focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Public speaker, thought leader, change maker, and champion of the people—my goal is to make the hardest concepts and conversations accessible and inclusive through the written word, experiential design, and groundbreaking technology.

Most Challenging Moment?:

My most challenging moment was deciding to part ways with my ex-husband and former business partner. Even though I started the company 8 years before I invited him to join me, the pivot to diversity happened with him. It was always my intention for us to be in it together for the long haul. My core goals and values remained consistent, but the entrepreneurial desire for evolution and growth was mine and not his. It was hard and horrible, but it’s the best business decision I ever made. The companies experienced their most exponential growth following his departure.

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