Joel Macdonald: GetSwift Founder & President


My Native Admission Statement: Obsessively curious entrepreneur who likes to solve problems and make people happy. Started and built 5 companies since high school. GetSwift (current) has been the most successful and (for different reasons) one of the more publicized companies that I started and now manage alongside my colleague, Bane Hunter. Product, growth and business development are my passions and that is where I like to play on a daily basis. For an early part of my life (11 years), I was a professional footballer in the Australian Football League (“AFL”) – an incredible time that helped me really develop a strong set of skills that have shaped my business approach & tenacity. I love to travel, read, dream and create! I think what I am most proud of is the level of perseverance, resilience, and resistance to pain that I have been able to develop over recent years. Maybe it was from my previous football life when I was consistently picked or dropped from the weekend team selection. Wherever those traits came from, I am very grateful for receiving them.

What should everyone try at least once?

Think of something that really scares you. As long as it doesn’t put your life in danger, go do that. I think everyone should try and face at least one of their fears this year. Speaking in public. Chatting up someone in a bar. Asking your boss for a raise. Try it sooner rather than later as you will most likely realize “that wasn’t so bad after all” and enjoy a new level of freedom via the realization that fear is just a mental construct. Fear is just an illusion in our minds. It’s amazing how our minds hold us back from doing so many great things. It’s just a program ingrained in our brains to ensure survival. Our job is to identify these daily limitations/fears and confront them until we become a better, freer version of ourselves.

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