MALLORY NEUBERGER: Author of "Sober.House" & The Frog Pad Executive Director

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My Native Admission Statement: My name is Mallory Neuberger. I’m a cocaine addict and an alcoholic in recovery, and becoming an addict is the best thing that ever happened to me–once I got sober. Since that day, my life has become all about staying sober, living my best self, and helping other addicts and alcoholics to find lasting sobriety and happiness, free from the substances that want us all miserable and dead. We are only as sick as our secrets. Today I wear the things that were killing me on my sleeve. I have a disease called addiction. It is not my fault so please don’t judge me for it.

Inspiration for the business idea, and your vision for the Business?

My houses are a legacy to my mother, who died from alcoholism. She collected frogs, and my first house sits on a canal covered with lily pads. There was a shortage of women’s sober houses in South Florida (there were nine men’s houses for every women’s), so I set out to create beautiful, safe, serene houses for women, where they could find recovery, friendship, accountability, and fun, ultimately living the lives that they want and deserve. I have two houses in Delray Beach, Florida and I am open to creating more nearby and in other areas that I love.

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