Melissa Gonzalez: The Lionesque Group Founder & CEO

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My Native Admission Statement: I am an energetic, driven entrepreneur as well as a fiercely loyal mom and friend. Since childhood I have always loved to create and build things. At my parents wedding I took over the dance floor with an original rendition of Flashdance (I was 8), when I was a junior in high school I built my own radio out of a piece of wood, wires and a few resistor and capacitor chips (I got 3 channels), while working on Wall Street I produced indie films and hosted a TV show for 3 seasons on BET. I am a true Leo to the core - protective of my friends and family, dedicated to my commitments, and a lover of the sun. I am constantly learning how to be the best version of myself, but what I have learned with age is that it’s when I allow myself to celebrate my accomplishments as well as recognize my defeats. So often we focus on our “failures” that we also let them overshadow what we have achieved. Self love is important.

Inspiration for the business idea, and your vision for the Business?

I left Wall Street to pursue my creative soul. While working on Wall Street, I was also producing independent films and hosted a TV Show called Latin Beat. What inspired me by the opportunity of pop-up retail was the opportunity to bring both my business acumen and creative heart to work. On Wall Street I also always had interest in retail and tech stocks so fuels my affinity to be interested and learn about how the consumer, tech and retail industry continue to evolve. As our company continues to grow I am excited by the opportunity to serve as partners to our clients in a thought leadership capacity, in addition to a design & production agency. We are already seeing significant growth in that vertical in the past year.

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