Blaze Arizanov: StayUncle CMO, Bestselling Author & Keynote Speaker

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My Native Admission Statement: I propel brands and revenues into new, uncharted territories, without being marked as the enemy of the state. I co-founded hotel booking website for couples, StayUncle, in 2015. I developed the content and marketed StayUncle, taking it from a landing page with no revenue to a multi-million dollar company. It was named as one of the 10 startups to watch by Forbes India in 2018. Aside from StayUncle, I am also a bestselling author, keynote speaker, and angel investor with a keen eye for identifying strong stories and trends and converting them into engaging brand campaigns. I have great intuition and find I am often right about the few big things that matter in marketing and am always reinventing myself whether it be through re-educating my mindset or assessing new techniques I could employ to achieve maximum campaign traction.

How did you get into the marketing industry?

I had been ‘marketing’ since my early childhood. In a country with little to no opportunities, marketing became a crucial survival skill for me, and was a craft I learned myself. You had to fight off a large number of candidates for a single chance at success. Recognizing influencer marketing as the next big thing, I developed a blog at the age of 16, which I managed to sell one year later to a local job search portal in Macedonia. It was a career interview tips blog, which I sold for $1700 - a big paycheck for a 17 year old student. Through this, I discovered my passion and talent for content and branding, which allowed me to work with prospects as unlikely as VC funds in India, Miss India 2017, and some politicians.

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