Chef Danielle Leoni: The Breadfruit & Rum Bar Owner


My Native Admission Statement: I am known for seafood and sustainability. The Breadfruit & Rum Bar is a Jamaican restaurant and rum bar at heart. I want to show the nation that Jamaican food is beautiful, complex and deserves to be celebrated just as any other revered cuisine. This mission has become my platform for change. Through my food, I am able to shape our supply chain, food system, how people think about food and in turn their relationship with food. I have a decade long vision of my work inspiring others to choose to support fishers and farmers who are practicing their craft in harmony with the planet. Practicing patience, empathy and listening makes me the best version of myself. Stopping myself from making assumptions and always being willing to hear another point of view.

How do you motivate others?

Motivation comes from a sense of purpose. We are not just cooks, waiters and bartenders. We change the world with each guest we serve. Helping my team understand that greeting a guest, filling a glass of water and offering food has a real impact on the lives of our farmers and fishers, their families, our community, our state, our nation and in turn our planet is motivation enough. We are a part of the future, the density of our planet. We are changemakers.

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