Christian Schauf: Uncharted Supply Co Founder & CEO

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My Native Admission Statement: My goal is to build a brand that’s making a meaningful difference in the safety of people’s lives. Personally, I hope to someday have a family someday and raise a couple people who also impact the world in their own way. I grew up on a farm in Wisconsin where we had clones, a biodiesel plant and thousands of acres of crops. I played in a band around the world for a decade. I’ve traveled to Iraq 40 times and had my 30th birthday party in Sadaam’s bedroom. I’ve started a couple companies, had a few successful exits. I’ve recorded with Prince, SCUBA dived with Richard Branson, and trained with some of the best athletes in the world. I’ve climbed some of the world’s tallest mountains, completed Ironmans and spent weeks in the Yukon hunting the largest animals in North America. My weakness is chocolate chip cookie dough.I used to think being a jack of all trades was a bad thing – and that to truly succeed, I needed to be an expert. Today, I find it’s the opposite - being able to transition from product development, to marketing, to content, to business at a high level, and a level that continues to raise every day. I’ve built our website, written copy for ads, created products, appeared on shark tank, met with investors, and negotiated with our factories all in the same few days. I have a well-rounded view of our brand that helps me make smart decisions across the board.

Your key initiatives for the success of the Business?

I’m the CEO, but I’m also the cleaning person. We all wear a lot of hats in this startup phase and we all share in the successes. Our launch on Indiegogo was a meaningful moment that let me know my idea was on point. Shark Tank took things up an entire new level, but I’m most proud of our team’s ability to build products, market them, and make a profit without any big exposure moments. We are building a brand that people trust, respect and love. That’s pretty cool.

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