Stephen Harvill: Creative Ventures President & CEO

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My Native Admission Statement: Great ideas need to lead to great strategies and great strategies need to DIRECTLY impact a company's goals. My company creates that formula - idea to strategy to impact. We have 35 years of success working with Fortune 100 companies around that simple formula. We do this through SEVEN core strategic programs that we present and teach. We also consult in the application of these strategies to the operations of our clients. The discipline of being able to create a new idea, a perspective around a problem, solution, or skill set needs to be learned and my background in science has provided just that. I can take an original or existing idea and take an organization through the three part IDEA JOURNEY. This is a simple process that creates enrollment and begins with “I get it”, moves to “I value it”, and ends with “I can apply it in the context of what I do”. We want to be a valued partner for every company we work with. A valued partner transgresses single engagements and develops deep relationships. From a personal side, I am a surprisingly private person and love time with my family. I love being outside and have been an athlete since I was eight.

Inspiration for the business idea, and your vision for the Business?

After college I was lucky to land in the ski resort design business and soon discovered the high levels of complexity around the various elements of design, construction and management. I offered a simplified version of one aspect of the business and that success launched Creative Ventures. Complexity if the single greatest barrier to success. It leads to an overall lack of engagement around ideas, strategies, and projects. I learned how to simplify even the most complex models and applied that commitment to simplification to Creative Ventures. My vision for the company was small. Yes, small was my primary strategy. I wanted a low overhead model that allowed us the luxury of choosing only the projects we wanted to pursue. The freedom of scale creates a staggering level of opportunity IF you understand how to be successful and small. It has been a great formula for over 35 years.

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