Shama Hyder: Zen Media CEO & Best Selling Author

Shama Hyder Highlights

Shama Hyder Highlights

My Native Admission Statement: My fourth-grade teacher awarded me the superlative of "Most Curious” in front of the whole school.  At the time, I wasn't sure if it was a compliment or her annoyance at my endless stream of questions. Either way, it hasn't been a trait that eased with time. If anything, my fascination with the world around me has only increased with each passing year. Perhaps, that is what led me to start my own company, Zen Media, at the age of 22, and allowed me to turn it into a globally renowned name in the world of marketing.  Or, perhaps, it is why I chose to write my graduate thesis on a small network called Twitter which only had 2,000 users at the time. That same "curious itch" is what has motivated me to write two best-selling books and to share my constant knowledge and passion with the world in the form of my columns and books and tv shows. My biggest aspiration is to help brands and individuals thrive in the digital age, and my biggest concern is that perhaps we as a society will fall victim to technology rather than truly be empowered by it. 

Career advice to those in your industry?:

Just published a mega-piece on career advice for anyone who wants to go into marketing on my Forbes column:

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