Ximan Li: Filmmaker, "In a New York Minute"

Ximan Li Highlights

Ximan Li Highlights

My Native Admission Statement: As a first time female filmmaker of color, I have experienced issues both as an immigrant coming to the US for grad school and entering the male dominated story telling world of filmmaking. This film is a personal journey for me because it explores one’s identity and true self. It’s easy to lose one’s way in a busy city like New York and each of the three main characters are lost in their own way, whether it be one’s identity, being caught between two lives or a societal outcast. Two of the main goals that I wanted the film to serve is Asian representation in front of the camera and female creatives behind the lens. The three main characters are Asian American actresses and each story has a respective Asian supporting actor. The majority of key creative roles are held by driven women in film. Both Asian actors and females filmmakers are still trying to find a creative voice in film and I hope this movie shines a light on one of the many stories we want to tell.

How did you choose to be a filmmaker?

From childhood through high school, I always visualized the stories I read. Also, my father works in the television industry in China so he introduced me to a lot of western films and shows at an early age. That sparked my decision to study filmmaking in college. My education mainly focused on writing screenplays and character studies. Whenever we had a chance to make films, I found working with actors the most gratifying. That influenced my focus on directing.

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