Heather Hochrein: EVMatch Founder

Heather Hochrein Highlights

Heather Hochrein Highlights

My Native Admission Statement: Heather Hochrein, founder and CEO of EVmatch, is deeply committed to creating an inclusive clean energy economy. Heather’s care for the environment stems from an early connection to the land, fostered while growing up in a rural mountain town in Northern California.  As a young adult, she fully realized the imminent threat of global climate change and committed her professional career to creating meaningful and scalable climate solutions. Follow Heather on Twitter @hkhochrein

What motivated you to launch an EV charging network?

EVmatch grew out of a deep passion for environmental protection and the desire to drive widespread adoption of cleaner electric vehicles. The concept for EVmatch started as a group Master’s thesis project at the University of California, Santa Barbara. My team and I identified electric vehicles as an important solution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and local air pollutants, but also EV charging as a major barrier to adoption. After extensive customer discovery and market research, the idea for EVmatch was born! Through an app-based sharing application, we found we could leverage the rapidly growing private charging resources to support those without home charging access. We launched the EVmatch service in the spring of 2017 and have been steadily growing the network ever since.

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