Jessica Waite: The Berry Good Food Foundation President

Jessica Waite Highlights

Jessica Waite Highlights

My Native Admission Statement: I have been passionate about nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices since childhood, becoming a vegetarian at age seven and exploring veganism by my mid-teens. I majored in psychology and biology at California State University San Marcos and planned to study medicine. After interning for several years at a local hospital I became determined to be part of the solution in a preventative way. In 2012 I paired up with Davin Waite, a creative chef with a love for cooking with veggies. We co-founded the restaurants Wrench & Rodent Seabasstropub and The Whet Noodle. Both restaurants focus on sourcing locally and minimizing waste through total utilization. Our next project will be a chain of restaurants called The Plot, which will feature an entirely plant-based menu and emphasize zero-waste operations. I recently earned my MBA at Pepperdine University, and became president of the Berry Good Food Foundation. I have begun speaking publicly about the benefits building relationships in our food communities, most recently to students, cancer-survivors, and as a moderator at the Chef’s Roll anti-convention.

Inspiration for the business idea, and your vision for the Business?:

My restaurants align with my personal values; the evolution of our operations has been guided by my efforts to create a sustainable business model. My work with the Berry Good Food Foundation has contributed to this momentum. One of the goals of BGFF is to facilitate relationships in the local food community. Through this foundation I have formed countless relationships that helped me to guide my businesses in a more locally focused and regenerative direction. I cannot overstate the impact that aligning with other food advocates has had on our business. We (my husband and I) have had the opportunity to create a platform for education about creative solutions in our food industry. We constantly learn from our community partners, and there is a huge amount of synergy stemming from this collaboration. My inspiration for this business is to continue to evolve and grow in a way that demonstrates that it is very possible to build successful businesses in an environmentally and socially responsible way.

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