John Ban: Grass Fed Coffee Founder


My Native Admission Statement: My name is John Ban, Founder of Grass Fed Coffee. We make a ready-to-drink Butter Coffee with MCT Oil that is sold in most of the natural grocers in Southern Californiaas well as on Amazon & I’m a Korean-American that grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana. I became one of the top DJ’s in my city at the age of 17. I was spinning in all of the top night clubs and also the hip-hop radio station Hot 96.3FM. I also launched the first food truck in Indianapolis in 2010, which created a huge food truck culture in that city. After selling 2 of my food truck businesses, I moved to Los Angeles in 2014 to start Grass Fed Coffee.

How did you get into the industry?:

In 2014 I learned about the concept of adding grass-fed butter and MCT coconut oil to coffee. I bought all the ingredients and tried it out for a few days. I instantly felt my usual morning brain fog evaporate. A nice mental clarity came over me and I had lasting energy without a crash. I was surprised by how good it tasted without any sugar. I continued drinking this daily and then noticed that I was also losing fat. I discovered the Keto diet and learned how these fats in the butter were helping my brain function and metabolism. I saw an opportunity in the coffee/beverage industry for the first ready-to-drink butter coffee. This is how it all began.

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