Dan Gardner: Code and Theory Co-Founder


My Native Admission Statement: I am first and foremost a husband and father of 5. (Ages 10,8,6,5 &3). I am second, the founder and CEO of a 500 person company called Code and Theory. Between the 2, which consumes most of my time, I appreciate the chaos and challenges that is my life. With that said, my personal interests for my very limited extra time in my life include anything that has a competitive spirit or creative perspective.

How did you get into the industry?:

I went to school at University at Buffalo for Computer Art and did a lot of experimental artwork and design through programming. During school I interned and worked for some various boutique agencies which all exploded during the dot com bubble and upon graduating had a short stint at a traditional agency.  Having the polarity of those experiences gave me the inspiration to start my own company with a culture and skill set focused on the use of digital capabilities to help grow businesses. When we started Code and Theory, from its early conception, part of our culture was always pushing the boundaries. What fueled our success in those early days was based on my interest of how to use creativity and technology to make experiences better.  We went from a small apartment in the Lower East Side to our current headquarters on the 62nd floor of the World Trade Center, with additional offices in San Francisco, London, LA, Atlanta, and Manila. Our company and those offices are still rooted in the DNA and culture of how we try and solve problems.

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