Burunda Prince: Managing Director of The Farm, a Comcast NBCUniversal startup accelerator


My Native Admission Statement: I connect with all kinds of people, embracing their journey and am eager to understand their story so that I can help them be their best selves.  My love of the written word has cultivated a love of reading and writing which also means that I’m constantly being exposed to new ideas and learning. And we know that practice makes perfect so through that love has grown a certain competency of written expression whether it be business, journalistic, or reflective writing.  It’s one of my greatest gifts and assets.I aspire to help others, make the world better and relish the journey.  I’ve already accomplished the greatest feat possible by giving the world three amazing people.  So, I have nothing to prove but much to give and share. That allows me to use my considerable experience to help others unlock their power and pursue their dreams.

How did you get into the industry?:

My journey to the world of tech innovation was non linear and somewhat unexpected. Yet, the narrative fits.  The role of The Farm Managing Director combines three of my passions — technology, a joy of learning and helping others– with three of my superpowers — intelligence, relational leadership and the ability to forge new paths. It’s been reinforced that disruption and innovation have long been part of my career narrative.  I traveled from Atlanta to Cambridge to become one of eight African Americans in my class to graduate in Chemical Engineering from MIT. As a young engineer at Procter & Gamble, I piloted the continuous manufacturing process to commercialize PertPlus. An MBA from Harvard Business School was followed by becoming the first woman consultant of color at Bain and Company.  That led to a career at Rohm & Haas, an entrepreneurial venture in leadership of high performing teams and educational consulting and even eight years in civic leadership as a publicly elected official. You get the picture. I excel at disrupting, leading disparate groups and leveraging synergies for exceptional outcomes. So, while being a Baby Boomer woman of color may not fit the traditional tech influencer model, I can’t think of a better illustration of disruption at its best than me and technology. Technology first of course!

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