Jessamyn Stanley: Award Winning Yoga Instructor, Body Positivity Advocate & Author of 'Every Body Yoga.'


My Native Admission Statement: As a fat, black, queer yoga practitioner, I’m very familiar with the obstacles which prevent most people from feeling as though yoga is accessible. As a teacher, author, tech entrepreneur, and thought leader, I use my voice and platform to democratize the yoga experience. My mission is to make space for all people to authentically experience their Truth, and I travel around the world sharing my own journey towards self-acceptance. My greatest success thus far has been learning that I don’t always have to know everything and I don’t always have to know the right answer. Because there’s usually no right answer.

Inspiration for the business idea, and your vision for the Business? 

My inspiration for The Underbelly, my digital yoga studio platform, was to create an online yoga space that celebrates practitioners who are frequently excluded from the mainstream yoga world. My vision is for The Underbelly to serve as a safe haven for anyone who has ever felt as though they don’t “fit in.”

Favorite People/Role Models?:

Michelle Obama, Oprah, and Dr. Maya Angelou

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