Stefanie Barboza: Barboza Method Founder


My Native Admission Statement: The Barboza Method is a full body, no impact workout all done on the floor—no machines, no weights, it’s you fighting gravity and your own body weight. The studio is in Hollywood, and it is designed with mirrors on the ceiling so when you lay on a yoga mat you can see yourself, so you can keep your body in proper alignment and proper form. I use epic music which will sound familiar because they come from movie and tv and video game scores—music that makes you think and keeps you motivated to keep your head in the game. I think I’m a good problem solver. You never know what you’re gonna get and I always think of a solution and keep moving forward. I care a lot. Whenever I do anything I put my all into it.

Any emerging industry trends?

Everything is going app. Online. I don’t like that because as a teacher my job is not just what you do, but how you do it. The job of a teacher is to make sure you do the thing you’re supposed to be doing correctly. If you do it incorrectly, you will get injured. My goal as a teacher is to get you out of the house so we can do the class together, meet the people in class with you, and have the one-on-one support and be part of a team and a community.  Also I think functional fitness and isometric workouts are coming back. I think there was a trend recently about more intense, body builder-type workout classes—and now we’ve shifted back to the basics, the— “I just need to be healthy and live an active life”—which my class, which is about posture and alignment, exemplifies.

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