Tom McLoughlin: Founder, SEO Travel


My Native Admission Statement: I’m the founder of SEO Travel, passionate traveler and father of 3 children. I’m an honest Yorkshireman and passionate about helping small travel businesses grow. I never dreamed of running my own business when I was younger, but this idea seemed too obvious not to follow through when I had it. We’ve grown from being a single freelancer (me!) who helped a few clients whilst travelling, to being the best marketing option out there for travel SMEs (and it takes a lot for a Brit to be so bold!). I now focus my days on making what we offer even better and building a team that I’m proud to be a part of. In my spare time I play football, go running and watch Formula 1, and I even won a dance competition once…

How did you get into the industry?:

I initially worked in PR, then moved into SEO as a planned segway to get into writing. Whilst working at an SEO agency I started a travel blog as part of my writing portfolio, but it ended up becoming more of an SEO testing ground instead. I could see that one of the key difficulties for any SEO agency was specialist knowledge of the industry they were working in, so decided I should use the knowledge I’d picked up in travel to offer that specialized service. The business has grown since then so we can deliver a range of marketing offerings for clients, including PR, website design and SEO. We’re now much more of a one-stoptravel marketing shop for small-medium sized travel businesses who want help getting more customers, wherever they might come from.

Favorite Places/Destinations?:

Seville. We lived there for a while whilst were establishing the business and loved every minute. We’re now settled back in the UK, but would love to go and be based there again at some point. Incredible food, great value and beautiful surroundings.

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