Andy Mooney: Fender CEO


My Native Admission Statement: A blend of left and right brain, inherently creative but analytical from finance training. I’m able to go from high concept strategy to tactical detail. The former’s exciting, but tactical execution creates results. Every good business idea I’ve had (e.g. Disney Princess) was a paradigm shift that got me close to being fired. I fight for good business ideas, whomever generates them and no matter how impolitic that can sometimes be. It’s been a high risk, high reward strategy for me personally.

Inspiration for the business idea, and your vision for the Business?:

Successful business ideas often come from simple observation of human behavior. Limited Edition footwear at Nike came from someone pulling up beside me in my used black Porsche 924 in a shiny new yellow Sebring Edition 924 Porsche and me wondering if the concept of Limited Edition would work in athletic footwear. It worked. The Disney Princess idea came from waiting in line at a Disney on Ice show and seeing mothers and daughters decked out in princess regalia they’d made at home.


Two years ago, I met Phyllis Fender, Leo Fender’s widow. Late in Leo’s life, in one of his more philosophical moments, he told Phyllis that ‘All artists were angles and his job on Earth was to give them wings to fly’. This has now become Fender’s vision statement and the job description of everyone in the company.

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