Lauren Steinberg: Founder, Queen V

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My Native Admission Statement: My name is Lauren Steinberg and I am the founder of Queen V. Queen V is a female-run and female-focused feminine wellness company specifically focused right now on vaginal health. Queen V takes a really easy and fun approach to a topic that can be super confusing and embarrassing… trust me, I have been there. I have been around vaginas my entire life, not only because I am female but because my dad is a gynecologist.  Our products are made for women by women and take a really unique approach to vaginal health. We have created an easy to follow three-step process that helps women maintain, heal and enjoy their v. Maintaining your v is all about keeping your vagina clean and healthy by using products that are pH-balanced. Healing your v addresses infections and problems that can arise like yeast infections and UTI’s. Enjoying your v aims to help women love and embrace their vaginas.  Each of our products fit into one of these color-coded categories. Maintain products are blue, heal products are green and enjoy products are pink.

Your most difficult moment at the Business? (and what did you learn?)

Being a 25-year-old female in an industry typically dominated by men has been and still is a challenge. Whenever I pitch this brand, getting male retailers and male investors to understand the need for these products can be difficult. Talking about my vagina and vaginal infections was a bit embarrassing at first, but I now encourage women to be empowered to speak about their vaginas. At one point, I was even told that I was “just a girl.” Instead of letting this comment get to me, I have owned it. It’s true! I really am just a girl who became frustrated with vaginal products on the market and did something about it.

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