Igor Bekker: Founder, Made Of

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How did you get into the industry?

I have no experience in CPG (consumer packaged goods), nor am I a toxicologist or chemist.  Not exactly the thing you want to hear from someone selling Baby-care products for newborns.  My background is in Digital and Data Analytics.  My co-founder and I ran a qual and quant project and noticed consumer demand in beauty and skin care. What surprised us was the lack of product on the market that delivered on its promise.  What was already out there failed to deliver and deceived the customers causing confusion and mistrust.

Xiaodi Zhang: Chief Product Officer, 1stdibs

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Xiaodi Zhang joined 1stdibs as the first product hire. Over the last six years, she has led the transformation of the luxury marketplace and helped grow the company from <50 people to >350 today. As CPO, Xiaodi manages the Product and Design organizations.

Melissa R. Birge: founder & CEO, Mia Tango

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Melissa R. Birge is the founder and CEO of Mia Tango, an online maternity boutique that features a curated set of maternity clothing that customers can buy new or used, and then trade back in for credits to buy new styles. She also serves as the audit committee chair on the board of directors of Paris-based SRP Group, which operates the fashion website