Brian Ree: Co-Founder & CEO of DAILYLOOK

How did you get into the Fashion/Media industry?

I would tear out pages of GQ / Details of the outfits that I wanted to buy and take them to the mall to shop. I found it hard to coordinate all the different items of clothing / accessories to put together a look. Then I thought that some women would have the same frustration and decided there should be a better way.

Tell us about DailyLook. What inspired the idea and what is your vision for the company?

Our mission has always been to make it easier for a woman to put together her outfit, head to toe, without thinking too hard about it. We first launched by building the best website and user experience that made it easy to buy entire looks with one click. As we continued to evolve, we pivoted the flagship experience to be DAILYLOOK Elite, which is our premiums styling experience. Elite is a curated box of outfit ideas by your very own personal stylist, hand-selected once a month. Our clients only pay for what they keep and it’s free shipping both ways so it’s the easiest most convenient way to keep their fashion appearances current and fresh!

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