Bruce Schoenberg: Owner of Oasis Day Spa

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Owner of Oasis Day Spa, Bruce Schoenberg, is living proof that one can make a career change work. For over twenty years, Bruce honed his marketing skills in the event and trade show industry, leading up the opening of the first Oasis Day Spa location in New York’s Union Square in 1998.

Oasis was an overnight success, earning ‘Best of New York’ designations from local and national publications. Oasis’ second location at One Park Avenue, was four times larger than the original spa, opening in 2001, and instantly garnered tremendous reviews.  Business partnerships were formed with Affinia Dumont Hotel where Oasis opened its third location in May 2004.  

The Oasis Day Spa in Westchester opened in November 2008, featuring an outdoor rooftop garden. Accolades followed in 2009 and 2010, where the new location was deemed ‘Best of Westchester’ and ‘Spa of the Decade’ by Westchester Magazine Other honors in 2010 were the ‘Readers Choice Award’ as Favorite Day Spa from Spa Magazine and the Professional Choice Awards as Favorite Day Spa from American Spa Magazine.

How did you get into the beauty/spa industry?

I was looking for a new venture in 1997 after being in the event industry for a long time- tired of the road. I recognized that the spa industry was emerging as a mainstream lifestyle and knew I could make Oasis stand out to New Yorkers vying for affordable luxury.  Oasis was just in the right place at the right time.

What marketing strategies/partnerships have you implemented that make Oasis so successful?

Our primary focus has always been on customer service, but also our local ties to the community. From the beginning, Oasis became heavily involved in local charity work. We also sought out other local businesses who targeted the same lifestyle demographic as we did.  A very successful tie-in was also with event planners and the trade show industry.  Oasis made a very conscious effort from the start to work hard to help the hospitality and tourism industry.

What are your best selling products and treatments and which ones are your favorites?

We’re fortunate to partner with some amazing skincare lines.  Our bestselling line is Eminence organics - their products are made from the finest botanical ingredients and are cold pressed, contain no water and are delivered to the client only days after they’re packaged.  This allows the product to maintain the maximum nutritional value and deliver incredible results.

Our most popular treatment currently is known as the "Superfoods for the Face" treatment, called the Citrus C & Kale facial.  It brightens, hydrates and deeply nourishes the skin.  In only one hour, you can see and feel the difference!

With regards to our retail space, Kneipp is one of my favorite bestselling products, available both in our NYC and Westchester location.  We offer a KNEIPP aromatherapeutic massage, utilizing lavender and the pain management herb, Arnica!  Kneipp has been a great partnership with Oasis for just over a year and our clients have received the brand exceedingly well and continue to purchase the value based at home products in droves!

What is your vision for Oasis as CEO/founder?

To remain loyal to our core mission which is to provide critical wellness, health and beauty services essential to a productive lifestyle at affordable prices. Our services should be an important part of a healthy life, not a luxury.

What goes into the spa and product creation process - name, ingredients, design, marketing?

Imagery is so important for the consumer so that they can equate what your message is to a service or product they know is important to them. The critical element to this strategy though, must be that the message resonates as true and sincere. We have always tried to incorporate a message that inspires trust and a feeling of value to our guests.

Top beauty industry trends you are noticing and how do you capitalize on them?

Wellness is the key in a city that is incredibly demanding and while many companies try and introduce trendy products to capture the consumers attention, Oasis will always focus on the long term benefits a service or product will deliver. Rarely have we ever been on the leading edge of some new trendy service or product- we want to make sure that the efficacy is proven and that it truly will make a difference to our customers. That said, with science always learning more, my staff at Oasis is always trying to become educated on what new skin care regimens or products will best service our customers.

The top traits that make a successful CEO?

Surrounding yourself with great people who are passionate about what they do, and then letting them do their job. I try not to micro manage and just learn from my team and assist them in being great.

What are your biggest successes as CEO of Oasis?

16 years in business in a very tough industry and in a very tough town. New Yorker’s know their stuff and you cannot fool them, so don’t even think about it. I am so proud of the people who I’ve worked with, and the many who remain here. Over 40% of our team has been with Oasis for over 10 years. Oasis has been named Best of NYC, Best of Westchester, Favorite Day Spa in the country and more awards than anyone could ever hope for. Our name is well known and respected throughout the industry thanks to the people who work here.

Life Motto?

Live every day to the fullest, and love everyone you can.

One food and drink left on earth, what would you choose?

Bread, cheese and wine- who needs anything else? Okay, maybe a  Juniors strawberry cheesecake too.

Your daily workout regime?

In the gym 3 x a week, cardio for 20 minutes and core work and weights to maintain strength. Always being as physical as I can every day on little things- taking the stairs, helping at work stocking inventory or moving boxes just to take a break and do something physical. Try and spend 15-20 minutes a day just thinking and meditating to clear the head.

What literature is on your bed stand?

Just finished ‘The Seven Sins of Wall Street’ by Bob Ivry and re-reading ‘ A Man in Full’ by Tom Wolfe.

Role model - business and personal? 

For business and personal, no doubt my father, Harry, who is the hardest working and street smart man I know. He has been my inspiration since I started working for him at 9 years old. He and my mom are married 62 years and he is the epitome of a family man.

What's next for Oasis in terms of expansion and product development and what's on the horizon for you personally?

Since Oasis not only survived the economic meltdown, and has since undergone a makeover that has made the spa better than ever, we’re focused on more of a wellness track. We have incorporated exciting health benefits such as an acupuncturist, aligned ourselves with Breathe Easy, a Dry Salt therapy treatment, and introduced more organic products. On the horizon for me personally is and always has been my two children, Harry and Stella, who are teenagers. I am dedicated to being the best father I can be to them as they navigate those tough teenage years and prepare for their future. Of course, that is predicated upon when they want to talk to me these days as I don’t love their music. How could they not love U-2 and the Rolling Stones? Go figure that one out!