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Matt Cubbler Highlights

Matt Cubbler Highlights

My Native Admission Statement: Your life is made up of two dates and a dash: the date you are born and the date that you die. The dash is the life you are blessed to have lived. My entire life has been about living a life of service to others. Anytime anyone has needed me, I always said “ I Got You!” This life of service was born out of being my older brother, Andy’s protector. Andy suffered with a severe stutter and was autistic. Prior to my brother dying in a car accident in 1989, there had never been anyone who called our house and asked him to come out and play or invited him to a party or a sleep over. As far as I knew, I was his best friend and my friends were his only friends. Little did I know that when he attended a camp every summer as a volunteer worker without me – he touched more hearts and impacted more lives than anyone could have imagined. Those people showed up when it mattered most – to pay their respects to Andy at his funeral. There were hundreds and hundreds of strangers at his funeral, but to Andy they were his friends and loved ones who came to tell him that they loved him. After writing my memoir dedicated to my life with my brother entitled “A Brother’s Love: a Memoir” in 2006, I made it my life’s mission to keep Andy’s legacy of love and acceptance alive by sharing his story with anyone who wanted to listen. Today, when I speak on stages, I honor my brother and the life he lived. And when I die, I want to have lived a life like my brother lived his – by Living a Life of Selfless Service Worthy of Remembrance.

Career advice to those in your industry?:

Stop being fake. This industry is littered with snake oil salesmen and those who prey on the weak or those desperate for answers.

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