David Chitayat: Genimex CEO

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My Native Admission Statement: I am the CEO of Genimex, a product design, engineering and manufacturing company with offices in Shanghai, Taipei, and New York. After living in China for 15 years, I now reside in Brooklyn NY. I have experience leading companies in product concept design, engineering, manufacturing and supply chain management. I have a proven track record in developing and producing new products, holding more than 20 personal patents. Working with a varied company culture from China to NYC, as a leader, it is important to guide, critique and praise based off performance and internal strategic initiatives.

Any emerging industry trends?

China’s new untapped market is in the domestic Chinese market. China’s largest cities and Shanghai being one of them contribute to $7 trillion global consumer spending. Shanghai, for example, is booming with wealthier, younger, better-educated consumers that are more aware of foreign brands and ideas and open to what is newer and novel. The only challenge I see is how China will continue to handle the new age of consumption. China might face challenges as digitalization continues and new spending power is emerging. To thrive in the coming years, companies must understand the economic drivers, generational differences and trends shaping China’s complex and fast changing consumer market.

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