Dr. Kate Stone: Novalia Founder & Creative Scientist

Dr Kate Stone Highlights

Dr Kate Stone Highlights

My Native Admission Statement: I’m a creative scientist, I have a first degree in electronics and a PhD in Physics, but what I enjoy the most is working with what and who is around me combined with our skills and knowledge to creatively express ideas and develop products that are impactful in some way to other peoples lives. I am passionately myself, love adventure and quite addicted to disappearing into the wilderness and sleeping on top of a mountain or deep in the forest when its twenty below despite being terrified every time! I want to create products that do not have an ego, product experiences that are magical, with technology that is invisible. I want the experience to be about the person using it and not about what it says about the person who created it. I also want to create products and experiences that are not just about removing friction from someones journey, products that sometimes slow a person down and help them connect with a moment, good friction in a product experience can make a moment meaningful, memorable and mindful.

Your most difficult moment at the Business?

I feel like the most difficult times are when you don’t know how you can move on over a hurdle and onto the next step, where you feel that you are not an expert at what you need to do and feel totally out of your depth. What I have realised though is many of the greatest things ever achieved where by first timers, people without the skills or training that would otherwise have told them not to even attempt what they are trying to do. Every pioneer is the first to tread in places no one has stood and do the things no one knows how to do, I use this thought to inspire me continue doing what I do.

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Mary Poffenroth: Biology lecturer & Fear researcher, San Jose State University


My Native Admission Statement: My life is the F word. I research it. I give individual and high growth organizational workshops about it. I get on stages around the world and talk about it. I teach about it at university. I’m writing a book about it. I experiment with it, both professionally and personally. It’s the F word no one wants to talk about, but everyone knows it so well. Fear. I’m an academic researcher and lecturer at San Jose State University that focuses on how the world’s most impactful leaders in tech and creative cultivate a relationship with fear and how the rest of us can use those strategies to get to our greatness. My focus is to get down and dirty with fear so I can share my science based understanding with others on how we all can get friendly with our deeply shared fears. I also infuse my talks and trainings with stories from my own life of trying, failing, and sometimes.. every once in a while.. succeeding with my own very human fears.

How did you get into the industry?

There is a need to bridge the gap between science and art. The left brain vs right brain is a myth that needs to stop. There is both an art and a science to everything and I’m excited to bring both of those worlds into my classroom and my consulting.

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Abhijit Naskar: Neuroscientist, Bestselling Author & Speaker


My Native Admission Statement: After quitting my Computer Engineering studies, I renounced my home in Calcutta and became a wandering monk. And upon the attainment of the so-called transcendental state of consciousness, which has been called differently across cultures, such as "Samadhi", "Nirvana", "Oneness" and so on, I realized that the purpose of life is not renunciation of anything, but the realization of that purpose. So, I returned home and started investigating for a rational explanation for my experience of transcendence. As basically a useless and careerless young lad, I began studying hundreds of published materials on Neuroscience, Psychology and Philosophy, while constantly being mocked and laughed at. I was studying on my own only to have an understanding of the human mind in relation to the society and the world, without the expectation of any degree or job opportunity. I had no clue whatsoever, what would become of me, whether I’d be able to make a living at all. I did not come from a rich family, nor did I have rich friends, so, as far as everybody else was concerned, my life was doomed.

I was flowing like a canoe in the open seas without any sense of direction. And in that very directionlessnes, I constructed my own direction, without even being aware of it. Eventually, quite unexpectedly, I found myself publishing my own first book on the investigation of various aspects of our human mental universe. With that first book entitled "The Art of Neuroscience in Everything", the world embraced me as their household Neuroscientist. With the magnificent tool of Neuroscience, I opened up to the world its internal realm in terms that every person could understand. After the publication of that first book, my brain kept exploding with one book after another, on various issues of the mind and the society. Along came an inpouring of invitations to speak at various educational and professional institutions. Thus, a useless university dropout turned into a globally acclaimed Neuroscientist, Bestselling Author and Speaker.

Favorite Drink?

My mind is my offering to humanity, therefore I despise alcohol, for it corrupts the mind as well as the body. However, I do take one kind of beverage quite a few times throughout the day, and that's tea, with lots of sugar and milk.

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