Clémence von Mueffling: Founder & Editor, Beauty and Wellbeing

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Bio: A true beauty and cosmetics professional, Clémence von Mueffling earned her stripes working for iconic brands such as Clarins, Puig, and Dior before turning to beauty journalism at Casas & Gente magazine. That transition felt very natural as writing is something of a family affair: both Mueffling’s mother and grandmother were beauty editors at the prestigious French Vogue.  In May 2014, Clémence launched Beauty and Well Being, a beauty and health focused website that speaks to women of all ages.

How did you get into the industry?

With both my mother and grandmother being Beauty Editors at French Vogue, I grew up learning a lot about the beauty industry. I quickly became very interested, and from a very young age I knew I would work in that field. I started in marketing development of some prestigious brands such as Dior and Clarins before I turned to beauty journalism.

Any emerging industry trends?

Absolutely -- there are a few! Organic skincare is constantly growing and improving in terms of effectiveness, textures and more pleasant fragrances.

Also, beyond BB and CC creams, we have brands developing fabulous textures for creams and serums. You see products that are simultaneously hydrating, covering, and with an SPF. Light textures that let your skin breathe while giving you the perfect coverage and glow.

Any industry opportunities or challenges?

Opportunities: Haircare is an industry that is investing a lot in R&D. Not only for hair color, but now they are also looking for products to help hair growth. Brands like L’Oreal are looking for the magical recipe! Whoever find it will see a worldwide success!

New challenges today are to make products more environmentally friendly. There was some good news recently as microbeads in cosmetics have been banned. These non-biodegradable, tiny plastic spheres are not only found in face wash, but also in toothpaste, deodorants and many other beauty products. Because of their minuscule size, they slip down our drains, through sewage filters and into our oceans.

Inspiration for the business idea, and your vision for the Business?

What inspired me was to create a platform for ALL women, not only for millennial! When we talk about sleep or beauty products, we cover the subject for women in their 20’s, 40’s 60’s and more, since the quality of your sleep is not the same whether you are a 20 years old student, an active mother of 35 with young children or in your 50’s going through menopause.

What's next for the Business in the near future?

We just launched our mobile friendly version and it looks beautiful! We are building more of our shopping offers for our readers. I’m also hoping to start working with a journalist in Asia to cover more K Beauty (Korean Beauty).

Your key initiatives for the success of the Business?

Participating in conferences has been very positive for the website, as it creates awareness and interest for our digital magazine.

Your most difficult moment at the Business? (and what did you learn?)

Having that feeling sometimes that you can never stop…   In the publishing business you can never stop and enjoy good results, you always have to plan the next stories to publish.

Ideal experience for a customer/client?

I am hoping that each reader can learn something that will make them change their routine for a healthier and greener one.

How do you motivate others?

It is easier to motivate teams when you work in the Beauty Industry. When I have a good theme for a new magazine issue, it is always easier to motivate my team.

Career advice to those in your industry?

Be ready to invest time for your business to start growing.

Start a project in an industry you LOVE - it makes going to the office so much easier every morning!