Corey Weiner: President, COO & Co-Founder of Jun Group

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Corey Weiner is one of Jun Group’s founders. He serves as President and Chief Operating Officer, overseeing product development, publisher strategy, finance, business development, legal and operations. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of Jun Group’s mobile platform subsidiary HyprMX. Prior to founding Jun Group, Corey consulted for SONY USA and the United States government. Corey holds an MBA from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

How did you get into the industry?

As long as I can remember, I’ve always been interested in technology and building things. I officially started my career at the age 17, serving as a technical consultant for SONY and for the Federal Government. Through friends and family, I connected with the brilliant folks that would form the founding team of Jun Group. By the time I was 23, I designed Jun Group's platform for video and branded content. In 2012, in the midst of the mobile shift I founded HyprMX, a Jun Group subsidiary that serves to help apps monetize their user base. 

Any emerging industry trends?

Some of the most important trends in ad tech include: the rise of non-interruptive advertising, value-exchange, in-game and in-app advertising. We also see brands continue to increase spend  in digital video, especially mobile video. Finally, clients are demanding more transparency from their ad service providers, and as a result we are seeing the rise of new viewability and engagement metrics and standards.

Any industry opportunities or challenges?

There is an opportunity for brands and publishers to put the customer first and develop better ways to engage with audiences that are non-interruptive and that are far more effective and cost-efficient than the decades-old Madison Avenue CPM (Cost Per Thousand) model. The CPE (Cost Per Engagement) model charges clients for actual user-initiated video views, and it is rapidly being adopted by more and more brands.

There is much discussion in the industry about the challenge to hire engineering talent, and that’s certainly the case. However, it’s been underreported how difficult it is to find good talent regardless of the role, including sales, business development and operations.

Inspiration for the business idea, and your vision for Jun Group?

Turn a challenge and a customer frustration into a business. In our case, we saw the growth of ad blocking, frustration over interruptive and interstitial advertising, non-human/robotic traffic, and the poor performance of interruptive ads, and built a whole new model. Our model improves digital advertising and gives brands something that performs without disrupting audiences. What we’ve found is that ads are better when they are opt-in, non-interruptive and click-to-play.

What's next for Jun Group in the near future?

Jun Group’s technology platform initially started on the Web. It shifted to social media with the rise of YouTube and Facebook, and then made its way to smartphones and tablets. We will continue to study user behavior and build solutions to reach customers where they live, regardless of platform.  For example, in order to run advertising on mobile devices it required an investment of  millions of dollars and 24 months to build  our SDK, a tiny piece of code that allows us to directly connect to apps, launch campaigns, and transmit data for real-time analysis.

Looking ahead, we’re seeing many of our clients ask for programmatic solutions, and we’ll meet those needs using private marketplace deals with premium buyers.

Your key initiatives for the success of Jun Group?

Hiring and retaining people is the most important initiative we'll ever have. It's ongoing, difficult, and of the utmost importance. We also continue to build products that puts users first, and that solves brands’ challenges, like finding better and more valuable ways to engage with audiences.

Your most difficult moment at Jun Group? (and what did you learn?)

Being an entrepreneur, especially a self-funded one, requires you to be a little crazy. You're carrying the payrolls, health benefits, and mortgages of not just yourself, but also all of your employees, and that can definitely be stressful and difficult. I’ve learned to be efficient with my time, delegate, and give my team decision making responsibility. Project ownership has led to an increase in performance and retention.

Ideal experience for a customer/client?

Our customer know us by our tagline -- “Jun means truth” because everything we do is transparent and honest. We built this company from the ground up, with the goal of putting our clients first and delivering great results. That’s been our formula since the beginning, and it works.

How do you motivate others?

We motivate our team members by showing them that their trajectory at the company is limitless. We’ve had many employees transition into different departments, learn new hard skills in-house, and go on to manage large teams. Our organization is flat with no bureaucracy - everyone has a voice, and this is very motivating and empowering for our team members.

Career advice to those in your industry?

Don't let your job title limit you. Ask lots of questions and be curious. Challenge conventional wisdom, and push your company to consider new perspectives both in your own department and company-wide.