Cristina Cuomo: Editor-in-Chief of Modern Luxury's MANHATTAN

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Cristina Cuomo is Editor-in-Chief of Modern Luxury's MANHATTAN and BEACH Magazines.

1) How did you get into the publishing industry?

I worked as an assistant filing papers, writing restaurant reviews, and doing printer runs at Hamptons magazine when I was a freshman at Cornell University. The magazine was under a single owner located on Main Street in Southampton and it was still printed on newspaper. I worked during my summers and three years later became the editor. By that point I was hooked on journalism.

2) Define Success. What does Success mean to you?

Professional success means arriving at a point in your career when what seemed like work has grown into pleasure. Having been in publishing now for twenty years, I truly love writing and innovating on a tradition of producing magazines.

3) What is your favorite travel destination?

I have been to so many fantastic destinations. Having a German father and Brazilian mother, I have had the benefit of travelling my entire life, but the places that stand out the most to me are Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and the beaches of Long Island, particularly out on the East End.  The most outstanding natural elements are what have stuck with me like the "Sleeping Indian" mountain of the Tetons in Jackson Hole.

4) If there were one food and type of drink left on earth, what would that be?

A tall glass of kale and spinach with a hint of mint and pineapple. Hopefully, that would extend my life expectancy a little.

5) What traits do you believe contribute most in your becoming a great Editor-in-Chief?

Having a life. One needs to find inspiration in every day to get the most out of work. As the Sanskrit saying goes, Om mani padme hum – the jewel is in the lotus flower – find the beauty in every day. My children give me the confidence to do good – great is always something to strive for.

6) What's next for your magazine?

We are focused on creating a second summer season of the beautiful BEACH – a literary, comedic take on the Hamptons basted in style and sophistication.

7) Who is your role model, either living or past, whose beliefs you would like to emulate?

I love poetry and Yeats, Auden, Cummings, Rossetti, Marlowe told the truths or better yet the teachings to love and live by.

8) What reading material is on your bed stand?

I am always reading several books at once – old ones and advance copies when I am in search of excerpts for the magazines I edit. Currently I am reading Sam Shepard's Day Out of Days which is a cool collection of short stories, Jess Walters' Beautiful Ruins, Donna Tartt's The Goldfinch, and Holly Peterson's The Idea of Him.