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Florence has nurtured and shaped Quinn into a strategic powerhouse of brand storytelling. Her near-clairvoyant ability to anticipate trends and cut to what is important has sparked some of the most effective PR ideas and campaigns of our time. An artist at heart, Florence believes that great work has simplicity, inspiration and form. "Like the grid beneath a Jackson Pollack painting."

As a heavily decorated winner of nearly every award available to PR professionals, she coaches and inspires her team to find the best strategic and creative solutions then measure them against the client's brand and goals. Shark Tank-shark and business-mogul Barbara Corcoran agrees: “The amazing thing about Florence is that she’s an extremely creative individual, and on top of that she’s able to transfer that inspiration to the people who work with her so she's able to build a giant creative team. Do you know how unusual that is in the PR business?”

A Connecticut native, Florence keeps letters received from Katharine Hepburn while at Smith College in her office as a reminder to be an independent thinker. She resides in Westport with her husband, son and two dogs.

How did you get into the PR industry?  

I was working in the development office of the America Craft Museum when my friend Dorian Winslow suggested I apply for a job at Jessica Dee Communications.

Quinn PR – what inspired the idea and what is your vision?

After I renovated my apartment and got to make all the decisions I wanted the same opportunity in my business life.   

What strategic partnerships and marketing strategies did you implement that contributed to Quinn’s success?

We keep the focus on the results, including the strategic and creative initiatives we bring to the table.  This is our business plan.

What industry trends are you noticing and how are you capitalizing on them?

Branded content is one.  Cross-promotion is the other.  We are doing both.  Today the brand is the media.

Life motto? 

Get to know yourself and stay on your own path.    

Quinn PR Motto: 

Let’s own it.

Greatest success: 

My son.

Most difficult moment – how did you overcome and what did you learn? 

Severing a close business relationship was the most difficult moment in my career.  I learned that making decisions based on being true to myself was more important than making choices according to fear of outcomes.

Advice to an aspiring entrepreneur: 

Find your passion, work hard and never give up.

Describe the ideal experience using Quinn PR: 

The client approves our strategy, including our creative concepts; we run with it; it rains results.

How do you motivate employees? 

High standards and high fives.

One food and drink left on earth. What would you choose? 

A glass of sauvignon blanc and aged goat cheese. 

What literature is on your bed stand? 

The third book in the second Percy Jackson series.   I like to read what my son is reading.

Role model: business and personal?

I can’t separate business from personal.  My two role models are Diane Vreeland and Meryl Streep.  They are true to themselves in all areas of their lives.

Current passion? 

My son.  I have four years before he goes to college.

Favorite travel destination? 

Carmel Valley, CA

What’s next for Quinn PR? 

A branded-content department.  A London office.