Frutos Moreno: President & CEO, TBWA\Spain

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Frutos Moreno is since 1998 President and CEO of TBWA Group \ Spain. At barely, 14 years old he began to work at Walter Thompson, where he held various positions until he joined TBWA\Spain in 1979 as Chief Financial Officer and Human Resources, as well as Shareholder and Director.  He has a Degree in Management and Business Administration, Master in Management Development and numerous courses related to the world of Advertising and Finances.

The President and CEO of TBWA\Spain is also Vice President of Autocontrol,  member of the Spanish Association of Agencies of Advertising Communication, member of the American Business Council, founding member of Nueva Economía Forum and Forum Europa and member of the Board of the Theodora Foundation. He has been jury of several Advertising Festivals.

How did you get into the Advertising industry?

I started in the world of advertising in JWT with just 14 years old. It was my best university, there the growth of an international company opened many opportunities for someone in my position.

There I worked in all departments: creative , management, media ... After more than a decade in JWT, I joined TBWA\Spain as CFO and shareholder. There I moved up to my current position.

Any emerging industry trends?

With the experience I have my back and having seen firsthand all processes within a creative agency , there haven’t been many changes. However, the formats on which we express our work have dramatically  evolved.  

We are in a moment that technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and will continue to evolve more and more with new formats, new social networks to capture consumer attention . However , in the advertising industry the most important thing is the way you have to tell things.

Any industry opportunities or challenges?

At TBWA\Spain we bet on the talent of our team and in good ideas. We’re pretty focused on our growth. With our own methodology, known as Disruption® , a way of seeing the business of our customers and find opportunities, we are getting really enriching results and we want to continue working on this path of optimism.

Inspiration for TBWA/Spain, and your vision for it?

When we set out to our clients what strategy to follow we must try to understand the consumers behaviors, their relationships and the way to influence in the others.  

From TBWA\Spain, we offer our advertisers a strategy in accordance with its objectives. It is the key to understand the consumers and understand where the value of the group to which the client is focus.

In this sense, we have a methodology, a way of seeing the business of our customers and find opportunities called Disruption®, and inside this working process, we are carrying out Disruption Live®.

What's next for TBWA/Spain in the near future?

The good rate of growth in TBWA\Spain in recent years has made necessary a promising change of location which has led to the modernization of work structures and expansion of  the business horizons of the company.  

In addition , we have recently appointed two Vice-Presidents whose main task is to position the innovation at the hub of strategic , creative and business thinking of TBWA \ Spain, to keep building Disruptive brands that seize every opportunity  that nowadays offers the world of communication .

Your key initiatives for the success of TBWA/Spain.

As I mentioned before, we are working with a new methodology called Disruption Live® that has the ability to connect with our target in a new environment. We offer our customers the opportunity to work together on how they should behave, for example, with young people, what is their media  and devices consumption and extract data behavior that brands should explode.  

It has also allowed us to know the engagement, the way the millennials consume content and, ultimately, how to measure the impact on the business of our customers.

The agency-advertiser tandem with the implementation of this new methodology is really enriching providing results for our business.

Your most difficult moment at TBWA/Spain? (and what did you learn?)

In 1979 the suspension of payments of Tauro ( actually Samsonite ) really hurt us and although we passed the crisis of 93/94 , this last crisis that has devastated our economy and we are still hurted. Nevertheless, our market walks parallel to the consumption and the crisis is not yet far enough , although we are on the right path.  

It has been years where it was almost impossible to sell because the market does not always react to marketing and advertising industry.

After several years anaesthetized by the crisis , the consumer is ready to return to believe in brands , they want innovation to be relevant , they want good products and adverts to fall in love with them ... And we have the tools and the team to get our message.

Ideal experience for a customer/client?

We feel proud of the trust of our customers. We have been working for more than tewty years with some of our clients and this trust make us really proud.

We are a company that not only offers great creative ideas but also provides a comprehensive service to provide the best solutions to our customers.

How do you motivate others?

With example , trust and responsibility.

Career advice to those in your industry?

Constancy and nonconformity. Strive for the best idea and then defend it without fear.