Jennifer Bassett: Founder of Bassett Events

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Jennifer Bassett is owner of Bassett Events, one of the world's best event planning companies. Bassett Events is a boutique Event Management agency working primarily with premium brands, companies and NPO’s looking to create unique and memorable events.

How did you get into the events planning industry?

I was working for a company in their Live Events department and it unfortunately went bankrupt after 20 years in business. As it turns out this door closing opened one for me. I opened up Bassett Events a month later, 14 years ago.

What past events are you most proud of and how did they become successes?

Any event we produce is rewarding and usually quite successful but the events we produce for David Fosters Foundation are always highlights!

What industry do you most enjoy throwing events for and why? Why did you choose fundraising to specialize in?

We fell into the fundraising niche. Our first event was a fundraiser through a personal contact with the charity. We've been blessed as 90% of our business in through word of mouth and referrals. Recently wehave been planning some fabulous weddings and private events which are always fun.

What advice would you give a start-up event planner?

Keep your sense of humour. Be very organized and in the end, love what you do because it’s a stressful industry and service with a smile always goes a long way!

How important are partnerships/co-branding for hosting a large event?

Extremely. Brand alignment is key to making an event a success. Especially working with charities and non profit organizations. The bottom line is so important therefore establishing partnerships and sponsorships are essential

Describe a great night out.

We work so hard at what we do and are out so much with our events, we I get a free night sometimes it’s all about takeout, a glass of wine and a movie!

Favorite travel destination?

Four Seasons Punta Minta

Life motto?

Slow and steady

What literature is on your bed stand?

Ha! My daughter’s journal and Bazaar

What’s next for Bassett Events?

Another fabulous event with David Foster! How lucky are we??