Jessica Teves: Editor-in-Chief of StyleCaster

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Editor-in-Chief of StyleCaster.

How did you get into the media industry?

I sort of backed into the publishing industry, to be honest. After I graduated college, I moved to L.A. and and started working for Michael Milken’s Prostate Cancer Foundation—it was there that I honed my editing and packaging skills and began to understand the value of content for a very specific audience, and how one or two words can make all the difference in perception! After I moved back to the East Coast, I started my own magazine and the rest is history.

Tell us about Stylecaster. What inspired the idea and what is your vision for the company?

Well, I’m rather new to StyleCaster, so I can’t take credit for its inception. That said, my vision is very simple: to empower personal style. We view the world through the lens of style and that means tackling major aspects of a woman’s life in a practical and slightly left-of-center way. We are not out to create another me-too site—we’re about tackling everyday style issues, and presenting easily digestible content that’s fun, informed and inspiring. 

What industry trends are you noticing and how do you capitalize on them?

Outside of content trends, the biggest thing I’m noticing lately is the appetite for real-time video. I love Instagram as much as the next person, but Periscope and Snapchat feel more raw and unpolished these days—something I think readers are responding to, especially around cultural events where you see your feeds consumed with the same curated content over and over again.

Life Motto?

Pause and ACT — never react. (Note: I sometimes forget to do this.)

Stylecaster's Motto?


Your advice to an aspiring editor/journalist?

In a nutshell: Be authentic. I love writers and editors that feel passionately about creating smart content—not just obsessed with the idea of being an editor. It’s hard work—especially in the Web world—so that passion is a key element.

Describe the ideal experience reading Stylecaster.

Inspiring and informative. You don’t have to think as you move throughout the site—it’s so digestible, fun and also shareable.

How do you motivate your employees?

I’m a big fan of creative retreats, after-hours bonding sessions (we play a mean game of beer pong at StyleCaster) and solid, regular communication.

One food and drink left on earth, what would you choose?

I can’t pick just one—AHH! Okay, here goes:

A crisp glass of Pinot Noir with a gluten-free pizza from Rubirosa.

Or, an icy cold beer with a fried fish taco (on flour, never corn) with extra Mexican crema (glutinous, I know).

What literature is on your bed stand?

I just finished "The Secret History" and "Paper Towns"—loved both, and literally just started the "Luckiest Girl Alive.” Normally, though, I’m just on my iPad scouring Twitter, reading StyleCaster and a slew of sites I love before bed and in the morning.

Role model - business and personal?

On a personal level, it’s Roger Federer—his focus and dedication is inspiring! He’s also such an incredible athlete, gentleman, father and all-around rockstar. Roger, if you’re reading this, I’m sincerely your biggest fan.

Business-wise, it’s many women from Natalie Massenet to Marissa Mayer to my grandmother, who broke boundaries in 1960’s Virginia and founded her own equestrian center.

Current passion?

Cooking and more cooking—I’m really into healthy eating and clean living, and can definitely feel the difference in my mental aptitude and energy whenever I don’t abide by this.

Favorite travel destination?

St. Barths—La Sereno is heavenly and its aesthetic is just so spot-on from designer Christian Liagre, whom I think is brilliant.

What's next for Stylecaster?

StyleCaster is definitely repositioning itself in the style space—which, to be clear, is so much bigger than just fashion and beauty. It’s about how you live your life, and we’re looking to crack that open with a fresh perspective and smart, curated reporting. We’re also planning a number of site updates throughout the remainder of 2015, and increasing our coverage in every vertical.