Liz Anthony: Founder, Mariposa Communications

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Liz Anthony is Founder of Mariposa Communications. Liz got her start in the corporate public relations department at Coach, the major American fashion brand, where she oversaw regional press and events. In time, Liz segued into the fast-paced agency world, moving to a boutique firm specializing in fashion accessories. In early 2009, with her passion, talent and eye for irresistibly chic and stylish designs, Liz set out on her own. She founded her fashion PR firm, Mariposa Communications, to provide unparalleled services to a selection of designers, whether established or on the rise.

How did you get into the industry?

Interning! I had always loved fashion and was exploring different industry avenues post grad – anything from retail, wholesale, events, fashion show production etc when a friend of mine suggested Public Relations. I gravitated towards it immediately and immersed myself in a full-time internship which lead to my first job working in-house at a major American luxury brand’s PR department where a learned a lot. I moved to a PR agency specializing in accessories, another eye opening experience.

Any emerging industry trends?

Our industry is based a lot on trends – whether it’s what happening currently with social media, content creation, sharing, sentiment, how customers are shopping. These change so frequently you need to be tapped into the right channels to have the most accurate information.

Any industry opportunities or challenges?

The world is our oyster but what will that world look like in a week? a month? a year? much less five years? The challenge is to try and stay one step ahead. How you differentiate yourself as a brand, a communicator, a product all has to feel relevant and authentic in order to stay competitive. Crafting and weaving those stories is challenging but exciting all at the same time!

Inspiration for the business idea, and your vision for the Business?

I founded Mariposa Communications with the view to bridge the gap between PR agencies and in-house PR departments. By operating as a truly boutique business, focusing on the diverse needs of only a handful of talented clients we can truly offer them each the highest level of bespoke PR services.

What's next for the Business in the near future?

We are always expanding our services to meet the needs of our clients – we have been working more on customized, interactive events. We have also gone deeper with influencer activation and social media management to ensure consistent brand messaging.

Your key initiatives for the success of the Business?

Our relationships are key – working closely with clients on their marketing and sales campaigns to act as effectively as possible is of the utmost important. Our media relationships are strong, maintaining very close relationships and friendships with a variety of relevant outlets while always making new contacts along the way. We also actively purpose cross-promotional opportunities with brands that align with our clients’ by partnering with fellow PR teams mutually beneficial projects on an ongoing basis.

Your most difficult moment at the Business? (and what did you learn?)

Running your own business your most important asset is your reputation. Owning every challenge, decision both falls on you. Be responsible for your every action and make the most of every opportunity you have. You don’t get what you don’t ask for!

Ideal experience for a customer/client?

The level of truly personalized service sets us apart. We provide honest feedback, lightning fast responses, fresh ideas and industry intel to each of our clients while delivering high quality results.

How do you motivate others?

Be supportive and give guidance but the best lessons are made on your own – believe in yourself and make the most of each day.

Career advice to those in your industry?

Treat every opportunity seriously and own it from start to finish. Never lose touch with any of your contacts, it’s a small PR world!