Marcus Antebi: Founder of Juice Press

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How did you get into the health and wellness industry?

I came of age during the time when it was acceptable to eat white sugar, concentrated proteins and carbs so by the time I was 20 I was a depressed mess. Initially inspired by vanity and my dream of a six-pack returning, I went on to discover the science of weight control, vitality and anti-aging. This passion for raw foods and juices caused me to leave my family business to spread the wisdom and experience about raw lifestyle. There was no bran and go, 100% organic, cold pressed juice bar that served great tasting food and drink. The products were all awful and nobody got it right! From there, Juice Press was born.

In such a competitive and newly trendy industry, how do you stay ahead of the competition?

We work with a team of nutritionists, athletes and chefs to ensure that our products are not only good for you and cutting edge in terms of health, but also taste great. We’re always looking for ways to expand and develop new products that our consumers crave whether it’s our best-selling salad station (our dressings are out of this world), or the new protein shakes designed specifically to enhance your workout and sold at our latest outpost within Equinox.

How important is location selection and design in Juice Press success?

Location is critical for the success of Juice Press. We take care to scout neighborhoods and areas where we feel there is a real need for healthy grab-and-go options, and where we can make a difference. In the last year alone we have opened seven locations in a period of controlled and calculated growth ensuring that everyone in New York can get our cold-pressed juices, raw foods, fresh salads and cold pressed smoothies. We also opened a super store in Long Island City that will help fulfill our catering orders and expand delivery options to the corporate crowd that wants to mix up their stale lunch meeting orders. 

What are your favorite juices?

The great tasting green juice of Mother Earth, the refreshing Watermelon Juice and the immune boosting Ginger Fireball.


(formula: cucumber, celery, kale, swiss chard, dandelion, parsley, lemon, ginger juice)

How does Juice Press come up with the ideas for their juices and what marketing/partnerships to you engage in?

Many of our original formulas were derived from sacred scrolls of juice pressing passed down to me from generations ago. Some from brilliant chefs we hired to help and many from customer request. Our best juices are created slowly by customer’s requests and then turned by us.

Life Motto.

Be Healthy. Help others any way you can. Don’t cheat. Never go faster than you know how to slow down and stop. That is especially true for skydiving and fast motorcycles.



(formula: orange and lemon juice, ginger, cayenne extract, oil of oregano.)


What advice would you give an aspiring entrepreneur?

Seek out something that you love. If you believe in what you are doing you will be driven beyond belief and great success will come. Also, be sure to take care of yourself by not polluting your body with junk, a clean body is an efficient and smart one. Have a good colon hydro-therapist, astrologer, accountant and therapist on-hand.

If there were one food and drink left on earth, what would you choose?

Avocado, peaches and coconut

What is your daily fitness regime?

I am a huge fan of Thai boxing. Extreme sports are a great way to get out energy and challenge you on all levels. Regular routine includes bag work, kettle bells, push-ups, sit-ups and sparring with trainer.

What's next for JP and Marcus Antebi?

One more fight – build a hotel – build a large-scale farm on a rooftop in Brooklyn – write two books