Pablo Olay: VP, PadillaCRT

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Pablo Olay is VP at PadillaCRT. Pablo Olay has over 20 years of experience building brands and launching new products. Over the years he has garnered much experience orchestrating multi-channel marketing campaigns including: media and public relations, online, social media, television, radio, direct mail, database management, print, point of sale and guerilla marketing. As a Senior Leader of the Food, Beverage and Nutrition division at Padilla CRT, Pablo's primary role is to help clients strategically position their products and increase consumers and trade awareness. He leads the Rioja Wine US campaign. This multi-million dollar campaign objective is to brand Spain's Rioja wines as one of the top wine regions in the world.  In 2012, Vibrant Rioja won several industry awards including: Silver Anvil Award for Excellence in Integrated communications-Consumer products, PR Digital Awards for Most Engaged Online Community and Bulldog Reporter for Best use of Digital/Social. In addition, in an independent consumer and trade study conducted by Wine Opinions, the campaign was recognized as the best wine region campaign in the USA with a 73% awareness rate.   

Before joining CRT/Tanaka, Pablo was Chief Marketing Officer for Progressive Book Club. He directed the company’s business development, PR, branding strategies, as well as consumer acquisition. At the time, Progressive, an online startup, was noted as the next generation of book clubs by Advertising Age. Prior to Progressive, Pablo held several Senior Management positions at Bertelsmann Direct North America, the direct to consumer giant and owner of household names such as: BMG music, Columbia House, and Bookspan.  During his tenure, Pablo spearheaded the management and growth of several entertainment businesses with over $600 million in revenue. 

Pablo holds a BBA in Marketing from Marymount University in Arlington Virginia and an MBA in Strategic Management from Fordham University in New York. He lives in Westchester County, NY with his wife and two daughters.

1) Define success.

At work success to me means a positive measurable outcome after working passionately hard at something. Personally success is being healthy in mind, body and attitude. Staying true to who I am, nurturing and growing my relationships with my wife, kids, family and friends, really living and loving life.

2) Why Rioja?

Rioja is one of the top 5 wine regions in the world. The region is rich in history, has beautiful landscapes and is a true wonderland. People have been making wines there for centuries, and the wines are amazing! Amazing! I can honestly say I've never had a bad Rioja and people are always amazed at the price point. Riojas are a superb value. Being able to represent the region is a great honor for my agency and myself.

3) What marketing and PR initiatives have you implemented for “Rioja, Always Vibrant” to become an award winning campaign?

We have a seamless integrated marketing strategy across three main areas: public relations, advertising/social media and point of sale. Each area feeds and supports each other. Most importantly, we have a talented and energetic team to keep it moving forward. I would say our team is 99% of the reason for our success. 

4) What is a great night out for you?

A night filled with laughs, and good company, a wonderful meal and of course great wine, preferably a Rioja gran reserva!

5) Your favorite travel destination and why?

I love to travel. Some destinations I love include: Papua New Guinea, Thailand, Sri-Lanka and Trinidad. But back in Asturias, Spain where I'm from, there is a little fishing village called Luarca where my family and tons of my friends have summered since I was born.  It's unique in the bonds that I have with so many people there, and that's why I keep going back. I love the sea, spear fishing,  and the beaches are beautiful. It’s a great place to just hang out. I could go on and on but I'll stop.

6) Who is your mentor and what do you love about PadillaCRT?

I have being very lucky to work with some very special people during my career. One of my mentors is my dear friend Patrice Tanaka. Her expertise is laser sharp, and she is so great at reaching out to our most junior staff and making them feel included.  As a result, the passion and supportive culture at our agency makes it by far the best place I have ever worked.

7) What literature is on your desk right now?

I am reading Ken Follett's: Winter of the World which is the sequel to The Pillars of the Earth, and Simon Sinek's: Start with Why.