Adam Ferrier: THINKERBELL Founder & Consumer Psychologist


My Native Admission Statement: I was once described by myself as an ‘enigmatic irritation’. I wear black a lot, I’m disheveled and I cant quite shake a slight slur. I always wanted to be a consumer psychologist, and after getting side tracked into forensic and clinical psychology, that’s what I am. In my marketing life I’ve worked for a brand consultancy, then Saatchi & Saatchi, then co-founded Naked Communications in Australia before co-founding Thinkerbell with some friends.. Here’s five things I’d love you to know Apply to go to space at I like talking about Batman. I used to like talking about what makes people cool, I did my thesis on ‘the underlying constructs of cool people’. But the older and fatter I get the less credible I become on the subject. Thinkerbell is our newish agency and we practice ‘measured magic’, it’s going well. Develop your own catch phrase. Everyone should have a catch phrase (and a sound track).

Biggest Success?:

Being happily married with two kids. Without fail. A close second would be being gainfully employed. I’m forever grateful that my wife loves me, and that I can earn a buck.

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