Ajay Yadav: Roomi Founder & CEO

Ajay Yadav Highlights His Story For The Native Society

Ajay Yadav Highlights His Story For The Native Society

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Inspiration for Business Idea? So, no joke, I once got robbed by my roommate. It became very clear to me there was a problem to solve in the way we search for roommates. Craigslist felt unsafe and you never knew what you were going to get. Personal contacts are great, but you only have so many friends looking for an extra roommate. It’s not flexible enough to rely on by itself. I started Roomi because I wanted to solve those problems for everyone.

Career Advice? You need to really care about what your company is doing. Care about solving a problem and satisfying your customers. That is what is going to drive you to build the best company that you can. Yes, I know startups are strapped for cash. And it’s a business, so of course, profits are important. But you might be surprised how much that side of the equation sorts itself out when you focus on the other side. The customer satisfaction, employee happiness, human element of running a business. Any business.