Aleksandra Scepanovic: Ideal Properties Group Co-founder

My Native Admission Statement: I am a co-founder of Ideal Properties Group, a leading real estate brokerage that focuses on premier New York City neighborhoods. As an individual, I thrive in environments that call for informed decision–making with a high tolerance for risk. I excel in the dueling roles of a modern-day leader of a decade-old business and a mom ofa magnificent seven-year-old child. When we set out to bootstrap Ideal, we knew that Brooklyn would soon became the next most sought-after market so we focused on building a technologically-innovative firm that focuses on friendliness, transparency and service.

How did you get into the industry?:

I am a journalist with investigative skills who has, upon moving to New York City, added interior design training to her repertoire of skills. It was in the hotbed of good looks, the Big Apple, that I discovered my passion for interiors... which has lead me to real estate. I aligned my nascent brand of a real estate professional with a boutique brokerage firm in Manhattan… and got my start in the industry.

Most Challenging Moment?:

When we launched Ideal, the real estate market was collapsing in the wake andaftermath of the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy. While this was a challenging time – where confidence in the market was low and our money was tight – we focused on our belief in Brooklyn and with our enthusiasm, we were able to build a successful firm.

Biggest Success?:

Being a mother to a kind, talented daughter and a worse half to a caring, strong and dedicated partner.

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