Allison Sutter, M.Ed: Best selling author & Contemporary spiritual teacher

Allison Sutter Highlights

Allison Sutter Highlights

My Native Admission Statement: I am a best selling author and contemporary spiritual teacher, highly acclaimed for my ability to seamlessly blend spirituality and practical self-help information making it relevant to daily life. I’m able to take challenging spiritual concepts and explain them in a way that is logical. So much of spirituality is esoteric and be hard to apply to daily life. Its can seem far removed from every day life. I take “woo-woo” topics and help clients makes sense of them in everyday life, such as “Why does this [insert bad this here] keep happening to me?!” and “How do I change it from the inside out?” My aspirations are really quite simple. I want to continue to grow as a spiritual being having a physical experience. I aspire to know more than I did yesterday, about myself, my thoughts, beliefs and what I’m capable of, so that I can share my experiences with others. I strive to always have enough money for good food, comfortable shelter and travel. I would love to write more books, children’s picture books and adults self-help, and it would be icing on the cake if books helped someone else in some positive way.

Career advice to those in my industry?

This will sound harsh, but it doesn’t mean to be. It also doesn’t apply to everyone; I’m generalizing when I say ….. Personal development coaches, life coaches and self-help gurus can stop telling their clients what to do and when to do it. That doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be some type of system in place that the coach has set up. There should be. You need to have a structure of some sort set up or there’s confusion on the part of the client. Where things go wrong is when the coach doesn’t understand or trust that everyone has an inner guidance system that is their best source of advice as to what to do, what action steps to take, next. Where I see a need for change in the idea that is a person doesn’t follow the advice of the coach that they won’t ever be successful. That’s simply not true. Having steps, or a system, in place is critical for student success. However, this system might not be ideal for every client you enroll. With Accelerate Your Mojo, I understood that for a system to work, and be viable for the masses, it has to be easily personalized. For example, if setting goals doesn’t work for a client but all you have in your box of trick is goal setting, can the system be changed to accommodate this clients unique needs?

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