Amanda Freeman: SLT Founder/CEO & Stretch*d Co-Founder/CEO

Amanda Freeman Highlights

Amanda Freeman Highlights

My Native Admission Statement: I’m a serial wellness entrepreneur and CEO (SLT and Stretch*d), angel investor and single mom to 2 young and adorable children.  I’m honest (sometimes too honest), passionate, curious and full of business ideas.  I value experiences and love short stays at amazing hotels.  I enjoy time with family and friends, exercising, pampering, and eating peanut butter, Challah and Matcha Lattes.

Inspiration for the business idea, and your vision for the Business?:

I started SLT because of my interest in the emerging category of boutique fitness, but my dislike of the options that existed at the time.  I loved the idea of studios that we devoted to offering the best version of one workout in a convenient and well-packaged way.  But, I didn’t like the results that the studio options at the time offered.  I wanted “Pilates-like results” in a fun, challenging group setting.  Thus, SLT was born.  My vision for the business has evolved over the years as we’ve grown.  At first, I wanted one studio so that I could do this workout and hoped others would also like it and make it a financial success.  Nearly 8 years into the business, with 23 studios, the vision is bigger and I hope there will eventually be 100 SLTs.

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